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Students have some of the best business ideas out there. Many students might think that it’s best to wait until after they graduate to start their business, for reasons such as lack of time and lack of money. However, recently, there is a growing number of students entrepreneurs. Students all over the country are starting business from mobile app companies to nonprofits. No matter what your idea is you should check out these tips to see if being an entrepreneur while you’re still in school is a path that you might want to consider.

Know your priorities

It is next to impossible to have it all. While you might want to strive for the perfect GPA, a well-running and profitable business, a full social life, and sleep, you won’t be able to achieve all of these things. Know where your priorities are at. This will be different for every person. Do you want to dedicate just a little bit of time to your business and finish out school with the best GPA possible or potentially not do as well in school to focus on your business more. These are the important calls that you have to make. Remember that you are at school to help launch yourself into the best position possible once you graduate. That being said, you need to decide if working on your business or studying as hard as possible will be the avenue that will get you where you want to be after graduation. Disclaimer: don’t forget about your school work all-together! You are there for a reason and have worked hard to get into an amazing school.

Create, and follow, a schedule

Being a student in college gives you the most free time that you will ever have in your life. Never again will you only be in class for four hours a day four days a week. Once you graduate you will be working full time. Take advantage of the luxury while you have it! Plan a schedule for yourself and stick to it! Knowing what you have time to do in a day and knowing what you will get done can make your day less stressful and more productive. Moreover, creating a routine for yourself ensures that you are the most productive and organized.

Student discounts, advantages and university resources

While some retail stores give you student discounts, there are also other places that you get discounts as a student that are great for entrepreneurs. Additionally, take advantage of the products and services that your university offers you as part of your tuition. For example, some classes give you access to certain computer programs, free printing, or data. There are also some organizations that are willing to help students grow their companies. Another great avenue to explore is reaching out to alumni from your school for advice and as potential investors. Do your research and make sure that you utilize everything that is available to you.