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College was hard. No one is saying otherwise. But starting and running a business. That’s on a whole other level of hard. Your new business requires your constant attention. You aren’t allowed to just not show up one day because you had a long night of drinking. You can’t pull an all nighter one night because you procrastinated writing your paper or studying for your test. This is the real world and the only way you will succeed is if you put your all into it. When transitioning from college to starting and running a business make sure that you don’t keep up some of the bad habits that you had in school.

Don’t procrastinate
When you’re in college you might have been able to get away with procrastinating studying or writing a paper and doing it last minute. But in the startup world procrastinating just won’t cut it. You need to be on top of everything, always. And you need to do well and on time. If you get behind on something or only half-ass it then that could lead to problems like dissatisfied customers or employees.

You can’t take the easy way out anymore
There were always tricks and shortcuts that you could use to help you, like SparkNotes. But there are no shortcuts that you can take when starting and running a business. You need to do everything completely and correctly. You will be hurting yourself and your business if you don’t.

It’s not in your best interest to stick to your clique
Hiring your friends won’t always end well, especially if they don’t have the same vision that you have. It could also easily lead to conflict if they don’t respect your authority as the person with the vision who is running the company. You want your employees to come from a diverse background who all have different things to offer the company. Hire people according to their skills and what they can bring to the company not just because they’re your friend.

Cramming doesn’t work when you’re starting a business
Every college student knows the feeling of cramming for tests during finals week. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. You can’t do everything in one day when it comes to starting and running a business. It takes time and patience. And during that time it’s going to be a constant stream of hard work and struggle. But if you stick it out and plan your time accordingly you will get through it and see your hard work pay off.

Your schedule will constantly change
In college you had a set schedule of your classes and clubs that you had to attend every week. You knew before the week began exactly what you’d be doing everyday. That just won’t happen when you are running a business. Things will come up all the time that need your attention. You may also have to work late nights, early mornings and on the weekend. You just need to do what has to be done to start your business.

Attendance is always mandatory
Every college kid has skipped a class. It’s just what happens. You could leave early, show up late, or miss the class entirely and still pass the class. Not showing up, and not being punctual, won’t fly in the business world. As the founder you need to set a good example for your employees. Moreover, being in the office is the only way that you will really know what is going on.

While making sure that you don’t do these things is a great start, there are a lot more things that you should be sure not to do when starting a business. To learn more check out this list from