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Many people are dedicated to starting a business. They know what they need to do, have all the tools but just don’t have the idea! Well there are many things that you can do to spark an idea. Creativity can hit you when you least expect it. However, if you are really determined to think of something sooner than later then try some (or all!) of these ideas to help you think of an amazing start-up idea!

Go for a walk

Even just going outside to get fresh air and a change of scenery can spark an idea for you. When you go for a walk just clear your mind. Don’t try to focus on thinking of an idea. Just enjoy your time outside and relax. An idea can come from the most mundane activity that you never thought would inspire you. Maybe you see someone walking their dog or a lawn being mowed or watered and it triggers an idea for you.

Listen to music

Research has shown that listening to music can help make you more creative. Listening to music helps you take your mind off of the issue at hand. Additionally, music can help put you in a good mood, which can help you think more clearly and have your mind just wander to help you think more creatively.


Doing something new and exploring unknown places can introduce you to things that you might never have seen before. This is a really great way to become inspired. When you stay in the same place and see the same things day after day you lessen the chances of having something spark inside of you because you are used to seeing these things and either constantly think the same way about them or don’t even give them a second glance. Changing everything up can really help the creative juices flow and open your mind to things that are happening that you wouldn’t normally think about.

Try something that you’ve always wanted to do

Whether this is a sport, acting, learning another language, or whatever it may be just do it! Being open to trying new things allows you to be open to be creative and makes you more curious. When you learn something you are automatically being curious about this new thing and it can open you up to many new ideas!

Meet new people

Have you ever been talking to someone about something and something that the other person said reminded you to do something? Well talking to new people and hearing their points of view about things can spark some startup ideas for you. Maybe this new person is from a different country or culture or they work in a completely different industry than you. You are more likely to learn new information while talking to people who are unlike you than by talking to the same friends that you’ve had for so many years. Networking, opening yourself up to new perspectives and information, can really help spark an idea for you.